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“Since, in the long run, every planetary civilization will be endangered by impacts from space, every surviving civilization is obliged to become spacefaring—not because of exploratory or romantic zeal, but for the most practical reason imaginable: staying alive… If our long-term survival is at stake, we have a basic responsibility to our species to venture to other worlds.”
Carl Sagan

The Earth is more of a miracle than mankind knew. Thousands of years before mankind’s history started, the Earth was mighty and powerful. Prehistoric humans dispatched thousands of ships into the galaxy to colonize space before a calamity wiped out the planet. In the millenia that followed humans arose again, followed by the other Terran races: dwarves, elves, goblins, orcs, giants and more. The sentient spaces fought and made alliances for thousands of years until the modern world took shape. The race into space started and Terrans believed they were entering it for the first time. They would soon learn that it wasn’t quite the case….

For hundreds of years, humanity has successfully spread to thousands of star systems. It was made possible by contact with the Prime Collective, a massive cabal of near-human and humanoids that caused a singularity technological event. Terrankind rocketed forward and spread like wildfire amongst the stars. Closely allied with the thousands of agnatus sapiens that made up the Prime Collective, mankind slowly united under a singular banner of Covenant Earth. It seemed that terrans would endure and reach unprecedented levels of utopia. Brought together by the instant communication networks of the ansible and the giant network of jumpgates, the galaxy moved towards a bastion of utopia and enduring existence.

At least that is what the secure worlds of the Inner and Outer Spheres believe. Lush, terraformed worlds connected to an always-on galactic society . Kept young by rejuvenation, desires fed by an all encompassing commercial machine of megacorporations, those on the worlds of the civilized reaches of Earth do not know of the dangers that lurk. The trials of the Frontier, the sweat of colonists on the Fringe and harrowing shadows of Wild Space are lost to them. The galaxy isn’t at all what it seems, for ignorance is plentiful and bliss is sold in bulk.

There are secrets out there, secrets that many work hard to expose. For the legends of magic and fire, power and dragons may be rooted in some truth. As ridiculed particle physicists work towards understanding what many call a “pseudoscience”, the Grid—the theory that there is unifying subatomic string connecting all things, others believe that the Grid has already been explained as Aether… the fifth element. The power that binds the universe and just by understanding the flow of Aether, by plucking on that string in Grid, an awesome and fantastical power can be awakened once more in the world….

Who will you be in this dysfunctional utopia? Are you one of the Terran races, striving to unite all of Earthkind under the united government of the Covenant? Or perhaps a Prime, one of the countless thousand different species of the agnatus sapiens setting out from the established society of the Collective that has been for milliennia? Do you dwell on an independent trader, a fringerunner darting across deep space of The Frontier? Perhaps you are a human vagabond from the Drifter Colonies, a bitektroph mercenary that’s more machine than man, a dwarf Belter who works the asteroid trade to save up money for his own rockhopper or maybe a symbiota craft bonded to a Cacique enjoying the wonders of the deep void. You could be one of the scoffed scientists by the mainstream, an Alchemist in pursuit of unlocking the mysteries of the Grid or one of the Awoken believing that transhumanism will only come once you bond with the metaphysical Aether. Whatever you are, elf or human, artificial or agnatus, you have choices to make and a galaxy to explore.

Welcome to the Vetus Caelum

Novo Aether: Vetus Caelum