Character Creation

Character Creation

Go through the following steps to select what you want for your character. If something isn’t finished or you have an idea for something else, create it! You will first create a general character concept. This is best as a single sentence or two that sums up what you want your character to be, like “Max is a tough cyborg engineer that works on an asteroid miner in an asteroid belt near a populated world. He likes working in vacuum and only wants to talk to his pet cat.” or even “Ironhusk is a huge Minotaur who loves playing ping-pong and just quit his boring daytrader job in a busy financial market to have some adventures traveling the world. He is a devoted Catholic, loves his native Greek food and has a knack for working through corporate analysis”.

Once you have a concept that you like, you want to select your high concept and your trouble. This helps flesh out more of the character and provides two important aspects. You get two more aspects from your Species. After this you choose your heritage, which defines where you come from and helps provide the language you speak, the technology level you have access to and what sort of resources you may have. You also choose your culture, which helps define who your character is currently. There many diverse cultures across the galaxy and here you get another aspect, this time a cultural aspect. Next what has your character been doing for the majority of his life? This is an occupation and helps narrow what he does, what he has had access to and who he knows. Now select your technology level (the highest from either your culture or your heritage), decide what his citizenship is (usually relevant to your culture) and complete your phase trio for your last three aspects.

Now you just need to select skills and stuns! You start with a refresh of 6 and will spend refresh by taking stunts or augmentations like nanonics (nanotechnology popular in the Inner Sphere and seen in the Outer Sphere as well), wetware (older organic/cybernetic tech that’s fairly common throughout terrankind), cybernetics or even highly classified and somewhat illegal biononic enchrichments (powerful synthetic biological implants capable of dealing serious damage).


The species of Novo Aether are vast and diverse. Choose what species group you want to play such as Terran, Prime, Uplift, Artificial or Symbiota. Then select the actual species. There are tons of flexibility and the possibilities are limitless. Species will be the building block of your character and from there you can decide what enhancements, augmentations and gene-writing it may have had. A species comes with two racial aspects that give common traits of that species.


The Terran species that evolved from Earth are Human, Dwarf, Elf, Minotaur, Alquiit (otherwise known as giants), Zurothan, Goblin, Orc and Gnome. Many Terrans belong to a variety of governments and cultures. Humans are the most populous in the CE but elves and dwarfs are close second. Alquiit are by far the greatest minority of the Terran races and very few venture out of their Arctic villages on Earth.


The Primes are vast with a seemingly infinite number of species but a few of the more common are Breken, Fuulub, Idimo, Casshern, Nivalian, Faeph, Merion, Bacillia, Gha’uun, Yelsion, Landskraedi, Horalar, Kobs, Naveen, Alphanian, Twyleth, Doman Kwiets, Dhazo, Mhawkhons, Bando Gora, Arkadian Dragons, Ber Sabra, Miraz, Noldor, Savarnus, Straath, Telixara, Lymara‚Äôs Faeries and the Quati. There are a vast number of Primes that travel the system and many have started to immigrate in the Outer and Inner Sphere worlds. Some tension between Terran and Prime immigrants in these worlds have occurred but for the most part there are decent relations.


An Artificial is usually the moniker given to a mechanical or biological construct that has some form of sentient life. The majority of Artificals are the Machine Races such as Freedroids, any robotic that have been granted independence and have enough AI power to function as such, Synthetics, android machine men built in the likeness of a Terran race with a Class 1 AI for full sentient usually operating under a lesser variant of citizenship, or a Replicant, a bio-mechanical machine that blurs the border between organic and non-organic. Replicants are illegal throughout most of the CE after the Bloody Betrayal by the Senbu. Class 1 AIs are usually heavily regulated and restricted by various governments, with the United Colonies banning them outright.


Found commonly in more fringe societies like the [Zodiac Dynasties], the Fratabarnelli Sodality or the exiled Miraz Primes, Uplifts are non-sentient animals that have been genetically engineered and biologically altered to become a new sentient race. Uplifting is viewed as a cruel, distasteful practice in most of the Inner and Outer Spheres. It completely outlawed by the Collective and is why the fanatical Miraz were exiled. Most Uplifts struggle in the galaxy, as they are a twisted creation with no real sense of identify or heritage. Many Uplifts are former slaves or subservient caste from where they once hailed.


There are many different types of characters in Novo Aether. Archetypes provide a way to gain a little extra utility by binding a character to a unique set of features or abilities.


Heritage denotes where you hail from. This is where you grew up. It also helps decide how much wealth you had access to, the level of technology you are comfortable with and what sort of languages you may speak.


The galaxy is a vast, diverse place with many cultural groupings. Culture helps form ideology, exposes you to technology and determines what sort of person you view yourself as.


Everyone has to belong to somewhere. In the Galaxy, you have to have an identification key from some form of governmental entity. What nation or megacorp you are a citizen of can have an effect on your access.


Technology Level

Technology in the galaxy is not constant. Radiating out of the Inner Sphere worlds technology permeates from the top down. The following are abstract rankings of tech levels and their corresponding technological achievements.

  • T12 – This is as far as technology has gotten. Represents the ability to achieve pure post-physical transcendence. Here concepts are metaphysical and almost abstract in nature. It is said the Allehn Taj and the Orblas are the only known entities to achieve this level.
    T11 – At this stage society is post-scarcity with unlimited energy. Individuals can change their physical make-up by

High Concept


Early Years

The First Adventure

Character Creation

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