Covenant Earth

A recent attempt has been made to consolidate the Terran states into a form of organized interstellar representation. Considered the spiritual successor to the United Nations, Covenant Earth was formed a little after the IU emerged on the stellarpower scene. Currently, almost all nations of Earth who maintain interstellar colonies are members of CE. Any sovereign government that originated from Earth is eligible to join. While the Martian Confederation isn’t a true “Terran government”, it was granted membership due to economical and military reasons. The United Colonies of Terra was one of the last Terran states to join, as there is a massive distrust of both the PRG and the IU and of unified governments in general. A vocal “anti-Unification” movement has started that wants to keep CE limited.

The reasoning for mankind’s unification is that humanity must keep up with both the Oijja-lu Dynasty and the Prime Collective. The Collective, the combined might of Covenant Earth member states and the Oijja-lu stand rougly toe-to-toe in military capacity. During the formative years of the Covenant the Terran Legions were seen as a way to grant the new unified government a military arm that was still controlled by member states. The Legions were used to great effect but public support slowly waned over the decades and the Legions were scaled down. Now military might is shifting from independent legions who comply with their charter organizations to an independent military arm. The brand-new formation of the Covenant Earth Joint Security Force under the CE Commission of Peacekeeping is the center of immense controversy and opposition.The CE continues to grow and consolidate the human political, economic and military power. The CE is rapidly becoming a strong unified front for the humans.

With the unified military force of the CEJSF, the Covenant has comparable military strength. While CE does not have a fully independent standing military that stands apart from any member nation since the downscale of the Legions, several members, most notably IU, maintain several divisions and fleets dedicated under JSF. Although these units operate under the power and support of host states, they do exist solely to serve CEJSF. The military power still rests with most of the member states of CE.

The Covenant Earth’s greatest power comes from the Sol Economic Zone which CE oversees by the Covenant Earth Economic Commission. All commerce between member nations is open trade with the Covenant Earth dollar the financial underpinning. With the CE$ the currency of choice for most of the galaxy the economic engine that is the CE is impossible to stop.

Organizations under CE include:
Covenant Earth Economic Commission
Covenant Earth Interstellar Exploration and Colonization Assistance Agency
Covenant Earth Social and Cultural Commission
Covenant Earth Criminal Police Service
Covenant Earth Boundary Enforcement and Inspection Service
Covenant Earth Commission on Sentient Rights
Covenant Earth Commission of Peacekeeping
Covenant Earth Office for the Coordination of Interstellar Relief and Aid Activities
Interstellar Criminal Tribunal of Earth
Covenant Earth Science Exploration Agency
Scientific Trade Verifying Committee

Covenant Earth

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